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5 months ago

人気が高まっている理由には、次のようなものがあります。タバコの煙は水でろ過されるため、この形態のタバコへの曝露は紙巻タバコの喫煙よりもはるかに安全であるという認識。水パイプ喫煙の費用は、ほとんどの国で重く課税されている紙巻たばこの喫煙よりも低い。水パイプ喫煙は、多くの場合、数人が同じ器具を共有する専用の会場での社交的な体験です。水ギセル バーは、屋内喫煙に関する規制から除外されることがよくあります。



ただし、VAPE 用の JUICE (ジュース)または ELIQUID (Eーリキッド)は、ニコチンとタールを含まないグリセリンで作られています。さらに、CBDは水溶性ではなく、このろ過プロセスの影響をほとんど受けません!その結果、体にCBDの利点が追加された素晴らしいフレーバーを備えた、非常にクールでスムーズな喫煙体験が得られます!

For several hundred years, waterpipe smoking, sometimes known as “Shisha” or “Hubble bubble” smoking, has been a common form of smoking in the Middle East. It is especially popular with younger smokers and rapidly becoming popular in other regions. 

The reasons for its growing popularity include: the perception that this form of tobacco exposure is much safer than cigarette smoking, since tobacco smoke is filtered through water; the cost of waterpipe smoking is lower than cigarette smoking, which in most countries is heavily taxed; waterpipe smoking is often a social experience in a dedicated venue where several persons share the same apparatus; hookah bars are often excluded from regulations pertaining to indoor smoking.

Although there is a lack of research into the effectiveness of filtering smoke through water, the mechanisms involved are straight forward.

Any form of tobacco contains tar and other carcinogens.  When the smoke enters the water, some of the carcinogens are removed from the smoke.  At the same time, the temperature of the smoke is significantly cooled down.  The effect is a smoother hit with less particulate matter in the smoke.  

However, the JUICE or ELIQUID for vapes are made with Glycerin, which is nicotine and tar free!!  Furthermore, CBD is not water soluable and is largely unaffected by this filtration process!  The result is an extremely cool and smooth smoking experience with great flavors with the added benefits of CBD to your body!